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I was Born April 2002. My ears, feet and nose where very big when I was just a pup. When you looked at me all you saw was a big nose with four big paws hanging off and 2 big floppy ears off either side. For that reason my folks called me "Big Nose Kate"(After Doc Holiday's Girlfriend), but everyone just calls me Katie. My parents were papered chocolate labs. My momma was a show dog and my daddy performed at field trial competitions. When I was chosen from the litter, my daddy picked me out because I was resting underneath a big trampoline while all my brothers and sisters were playing. He thought that I was just not as active as they were….he he he. I sure tricked him! The first time I saw my mommy I was scared. My Daddy and I were on the deck. He was grilling something that smelled really good. She drove up in a big, loud truck and when she got out I ran and hid behind my Daddy’s feet! But it didn’t take long for me to realize that I loved her. My Dad raised me to be obedient. But I have to say that now that I’m older I do what I want to sometimes. However, I still need lots of care even though I’m a grown-up. I am afraid of the dark and often need help turning on lights. I also stay sick with allergies and my Momma helps me with my medicine every day. She gives me this stuff called “sleepy cheese”. It tastes like Benedril wrapped in cheese (yum), and it makes me sleepy for a little while. Every morning I get sleepy cheese and a Milk Bone on my food before she goes to work. She calls me all kinds of names. But I know who she is talking to. Sometimes she’ll call me “Spuds McKenzie”, “Puppy Dog”, “Brown Hound”, “Sugar Bear”, and my favorite, “Chocolate Puddin’ Head”. She’s crazy. I have wonderful Grandparents who take great care of me when I go visit them. Mammaw gives me crushed ice and Papaw gives me, well, everything! I love to go visit them, but now they have hardwood floors upstairs and I slide around a lot. I don’t like that. Well, my favorite thing to do is chase. I love to chase shadows, lights, sunbeams, squirrels and Katie-Omega (the dog that follows me around all the time). I have spent countless hours, on my back, trying to bite Katie-Omega. I twist and turn, but can’t ever seem to reach her. Soon, Omega, soon! Things I don’t like include: the garbage men (they’re taking our stuff!!), the stupid dog next door, old people when they are walking down the road in front of my house, and when people push me. I also have a baby I take care of. I clean her and make sure she behaves, even if that means I have to punish her. My mom and dad like to take me on trips. I love to travel!!! One of my favorite trips this summer was when they took me to Lost River Valley. I was on a lease most of the time, but I did get to swim in Blue Hole #1! Was really fun. I had to get out when mom and dad tried to leave me!


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